Tipsy and the London Fire Brigade

No, Tipsy Cat didn’t get stuck up a tree.  She met these rather lovely chaps and their fire engine when they came home to do a London Fire Brigade Home Safety Visit.  Every home in London can book one – it’s free, because they want to prevent fires of course – and it’s especially good if you a worried about an elderly relative, neighbour, or friend.  They even fit some smoke alarms for you and check that everything is OK.

This is what they told us:

  • make sure you test your smoke alarm every week
  • don’t use block plug extensions – they are dangerous because they don’t have a circuit breaker
  • don’t leave cooking unattended if you are cooking with oil
  • be careful when using candles, especially tea lights, make sure they are in a safe dish / container.
  • have a plan what to do in case there’s a fire
  • if there is a fire (and we really, really hope there isn’t one), a fire door will keep out the flames for 30 mins if you put a towel along the bottom.  Open the window and shout ‘fire’ for help.  And of course, dial 999 in an emergency.
  • and if you are a cat, try not to climb any further up a tree than you can safely get down from

Our firefighters are really amazingly brave, kind and funny.  Thank you LFB!

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  1. Brilliant article Tipsy! Very informative and good safety advice! The London Fire Brigade are top guys! X

    1. Hello dear, thanks very much. They are ace! x

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