Taj Mahal – nearly a Cat-astrophe!

It’s hard to know what to write here, without welling up a bit – and not for the reasons you might think.  Tipsy Cat was actually escorted out of here by armed guards, to the sounds of our guide, wailing, “Think of my children, think of my children.” 

Now, as you all know, Tipsy Cat is a peaceable cat, who never breaks the rules, but the guards took umbrage at her being photographed with the famous site.  It’s never happened before, and from the Guards at Buckingham Palace to her friends in Argentina, Tipsy Cat has always been welcomed with open paws and treated as the royal cat she is.  Not so at the Taj Mahal.  So we didn’t really get beyond the entrance.

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Anyway, we did manage to get a couple of photos, and had a laugh, (well, you have to, really), and headed off the the Agra Fort – which had no issues with Tipsy being snapped – and which is very nice too.

The other thing to note about Agra is that the drivers here are atypically good – no hooting of horns, or the desire to run you over, and when Little Pet was very little and first came here at the age of 3-and-a-half, (before Tipsy was born), a kind taxi-driver gave her a fan so that she wouldn’t feel too hot.  Interestingly, her first experience of the Taj wasn’t that great either, as the only thing she can remember is that she was wearing shorts and managed to burn her bum as she sat down on the hot marble steps to take a photo.  You have been warned!

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