Pets’ Mews: Issue 13

Hello Lovely Readers,

Thanks for joining us again for the August Issue of PM.

We’ve got a lovely article from the totally, wonderfully bonkers @2cool_toyz in another great piece about how #plushiesbuildbridge; your very own style guide from our fashion guru @altravelbunny‘s Eye on Style; and more of your great photos.

We’re also really excited, because we have lots of exciting news for you.  Hurrah!

The first piece of Good Mews, is that we’re launching the first ever (we think) Plushie Fashion Week, running 4th – 10th September.  So, read the Mews Paper for more info and the all important hashtags, and get your outfits at the ready.

We’re also so happy, because our very first Cuddly Friends’ Guide is nearly ready to download (nearly – we’re just putting together the final touches).  What is it?  Well, it’s going to be a series of guides, written by your very own Cuddly Friends, to help you explore a new place, cook some new food, or take up a new hobby.  The first one is going to be a plushie-eye view of  exploring New York, and has been written by some of your favourite plushies (we’ll reveal the names soon!).  It’s going to be available to download in English and Russian from the iBookstore and on Kindle, and part of the profits will go to charity. Anyway, we promise to keep you updated on when it launches – and of course, to welcome you to the launch party.

In the meantime, here’s the latest issue of Pets’ Mews for you:

Issue 13

And here it is in Russian, thanks to the splendid @doyka_supercow

Выпуск 13_rus (1)

Have a lovely summer – northerners / winter – southerners!  The next issue of Pets’ Mews will be out towards the end of September.

Lots of love,

Tipsy Cat Bose xxx


  1. Ohhhh it’s super cute as always. Plushie Fashion Week would be a cool event! We love being nakey always, but we may try something… We should get and download the Cuddly Friends’ Guide to New York, once it’s available!!

    1. Heheh, being nakey is wearing your natural fur, and is very comfy. I’ve only got a limited wardrobe myself. The Cuddly Friends’ Guide is nearly ready, hooray! I know everyone is going to love your article in it!

      Love, Tipsy xxx

  2. ONce again, this is fantastic! I really enjoyed reading about Henry and Ruffus’s zero to hero article.
    Thank you for keeping us in-the-know!

    1. Thank you darling Hope!
      We can’t wait to see you for #plushiefashionweek2017 🙂
      And yes, more about the downloadable coming soon.
      Thanks for all your support,
      Love, Tispy xxx

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