An oast house, a walk on the beach, and lovely hot choccie in Rye

What can be better than a lovely spring walk on the beach?  Tipsy took advantage of May Bank Holiday to take us to Kent and to the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve near Winchelsea Beach.

The beach was pretty deserted and absolutely beautiful.

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The Rye Harbour Nature Reserve offered Tipsy the chance to be carried about on a lovely walk and to hide out in the hide to watch the birdies.

We stayed at an old oast house – which was something Tipsy had always wanted to do and which was lovely – we also heard the first cuckoo of spring for 2016 and saw some darling deers and peacocks.

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For food we headed to the quaint little town of Rye, with its cobbled steps and old-world charm, funny houses, and it has lovely fish and chips, and really delicious hot chocolate.

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