Tipsy at Lumiere London

What better way to get London out and about, walk (or be carried) off some of those extra Christmas stuffing pebbles and pounds, and cheer up the dark, wintery, grey skies, than lighting up London with Lumiere 2018.  Of course, we had to go.

This year it was really spread out across Town, so we only got to see the bits in Mayfair and Westminster.  What we saw was incredible.  So lovely and sparkly, and it was great to see the happy faces of my pets and other humans, and watch them with their phones, all waving their paws about and wondering where to go next, (the app saying that-a-way).

We were sorry to see so many homeless out on the bitterly cold night though, it being so cold and all, and everyone else so cheery, so what we thought we’d do is donate 50p to Providence Row homeless charity for everyone who uses the #plushiesbuildbridgeshomeless2018 hashtag until 31st Jan 2018 up to £50.00, so please get hashtagging.

Here are our highlights of our tour!  It was such fun and so magical and we hope you enjoy our photos.



  1. Thank you Tipsy for sharing it. It must be really wonderful in real. I would love to see it. It’s a great ideo to put London into these beautiful light installations.

    1. Hello Iri,
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the photos here. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see them next time!
      Tipsy xxx

  2. Tipsy!! I loved this!! Was that Westminster Abbey all lit up real pretty? And the see-saws made music!! And the chimes! And the sparkly “rain” or whatever was so beautiful and calming. Thank you for sharing this with us. It must’ve been a magical night!

    xoxox HOPE

    1. Thank you sweetie. Yes, it was Westminster Abbey. It was so magical. The installations were dotted around the town and it felt like walking through a fairy tale. 💖

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