Tipsy in the Peaks and Chatsworth

Tipsy in the Peaks

Balancing rocks always look spectacular, so we thought we’d follow in Elizabeth Bennet’s footsteps and take a walk up to see the Salt Cellar in the Peak District.  On a well-signposted route, we passed lots of great rocks, balancing and not-so-balancing, with stunning views and fresh air aplenty.

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Tipsy Chat in Chatsworth

More Elizabeth Bennet following – of the BBC’s classic adaptation variety (Darcy must have already gone in to dry off) – took us to Chatsworth, which is stunning.  From the sheep and baa lambs that greet you in the fields surrounding the car park, to the magnificent house and stunning gardens, everything is a real treat.  There are more balancing rocks in the gardens, lovely walks and great waterfalls.  There’s great ice cream served in the garden, too.  So all-in-all, Tipsy Cat had a marvellous time.

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