Tipsy Cat, Tipsy Cat where have you been?

Well, she’s been to London to see the Queen.

And Buckingham Palace is magnificent.  But, not one of the stuffy, museum-like palaces, but a really lived-in, cosy-yet- grand-type of palace.

From the moment you arrive, you feel the specialness.  No waiting round queuing on pavements, but instead, visitors queue under great canopies, wait on benches and have the luxury of carpet underpaw.

The staff are immaculate and polite, yet friendly, and rather jolly.

The interior with the throne room, banqueting hall and gallery is sumptuous (no photos allowed), but you can take pics in the garden.  And that’s where the visit ends, where one can partake of a delicious tea (yes please).

Buckingham Palace Tea

And have a chat with the locals. 

Just to let you know, we’re not being sponsored by anyone (yet) to write this blog post.  We’ve only put in the clickable links so that’s it’s easier for you to find things.  We’re nice like that ?


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