Tipsy Cat in Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are one of those once-in-a-nine-lifetime holidays, and Tipsy, being a big fan of wildlife, nature and science, was very excited to see the magical place which so inspired Charles Darwin.  However, not really having sea-paws, we opted for an island-based stay on Santa Cruz, with trips out to see the wildlife and islands.

Among our highlights were the chance to see the unique landscape, including the lava caves and the beautifully pristine beaches of North Seymour.

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And of course, Tipsy made lots of new friends with the locals.  We met the famous blue-footed boobies – as it wasn’t mating season, we didn’t see them dance, but we did see their little chicks – and we also saw a red-footed boobie in its cliff-top nest, frigate birds with the puffy-red chests, lots of sea lions and sea and land iguanas, and the incredible giant tortoises in their sanctuary.

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Tipsy always enjoys a spot of citizen science, and so she was thrilled to obverse the famous finches.  Of course, inspiration struck Darwin when he saw how they had adapted to suit the island they lived on, and this lead to his breakthrough theory of evolution.   Tipsy was therefore very interested to note that these rascally finches have continued to adapt, and are now extremely good at stealing bits of fruit from tourists’ lunches, and also have their ‘cute’ act down pat, so that they are given plenty of treats – now that’s evolution in action.

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