Tipsy Cat in Chapel Down

Not averse to a glass of bubbly or two, and being a crowdfunding shareholder, Tipsy Cat thought it would be a great idea to visit Chapel Down in Tenterden, Kent.  We joined a most interesting tour (not at 9.50 am) of the vineyards, and the wine-making area. 

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Now growing grapes is not new to the UK, in fact, the fun-loving Romans brought over and cultivated vines in their time, but it would seem that climate change is now making the land in the UK better suited to growing wine than in the past, (Kent being only a degree away from Reims) and this is getting wine-growers (and big champagne houses) very excited.

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The tour is very informative, and the wine-tasting at the end, very delicious.  Altogether, a most educational excursion (hic).

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Just to let you know, we’re not being sponsored by anyone (yet) to write this blog post.  We’ve only put in the clickable links so that’s it’s easier for you to find things.  We’re nice like that ?

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