Tipsy Cat at the Cataratas: Foz do Iguaçu and the Lunar Rainbow

After seeing the falls from the Argentina side (more about that in a future blog post), we hopped over to Brazil.  The Belmond has the happy position of being right inside the park, and we were in the happy position of staying there, as Miss Tipsy Cat had more or less planned our whole trip around a particular event – and we were most pleased that she did, not least because the hotel offers Brazilian bubbles for breakfast!

We took a safari and boat ride which took you right under the falls  – you get totally wet – but you get even more drenched by walking down to the platforms (nothing quite prepares you) of the stunning falls themselves (Tipsy, being a sensible kind of cat, opted to stay relaxing in the dry comfort of the hotel). 

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After the rest of the tourists have packed up and left, there’s relative calm, and the hotel’s location offers stunning views of the sunset over the falls from the nearby viewing gallery, and the hotel’s clock tower.

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But, the real reason Tipsy had planned the trip so carefully, was to make sure it coincided with the full moon.  At the appointed time, guest at the hotel congregate in the lobby and are given powerful torches to make our descent to the lower viewing platform.  Then, at a signal from the guides, we switched off the torches and were treated to the specular view of the full moon, beaming down on the falls, creating a magical lunar rainbow – a truly awe-inspiring natural spectacle.  It was a real privilege.

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