The Cuddly Friends’ Guide to New York City

Hello everyone,

As some of you know, a few of my paw pals and I have written a book all about New York City. It’s a unique travel guide into the best places to visit, yummy things to eat, and fab things to do – as told by your very own Cuddly Friends – that’s right, it’s a travel mascot’s eye view of the Big Apple, and of course it’s filled with cute photos.

If you like to buy a copy, you can get the Kindle version by clicking here.

And the iBook version for all things Apple by clicking here.

It costs £3 / $3.99 and a percentage of all sales will go to charity.

And of course, because we have a super cow on our publishing team, you can buy versions in Russian too.

Русская версия для Apple здесь.
 Русская версия для eReader .
Thanks very much.  We really hope you enjoy it.

We’ll hopefully be back with more Cuddly Friends’ Guides to other cities, and other things too, like recipes, so do look out for more guides to come.

Till then, we’ll leave you with a very fun NY InstaMeet:

Lots of love,

Tipsy Cat Bose xxx


  1. How fabulous! Thanks for making a tour guide for us. Perhaps I can link this to my webpage so I can direct more traffic to you. (not that I have a lot of traffic….) 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, Hope darling, that would be so kind of you. Thanks a lot! xxx

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