Pets’ Mews: Issue 14 Plushie Fashion Week 2017 Special

Hello Fashionistas, Wasn’t Plushie Fashion Week 2017 something else?  We were totally blown away by your flair, creativity, and passion for fashion. To celebrate, we’ve got a bumper issue of Pets’ Mews for you, with interviews and style guides from some of the biggest Houses in Plushie Fashion, together with a round up of your photos.  Thanks to everyone who …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 12

Hello Dear Friends, Hasn’t time flown?  It’s July already and so much has happened since we last met.  Well, let me fill you in on what’s been going on and take you through some of the highlights. In this month’s issue, you’ll find a beautiful, moving piece by @theadventuresofkeith, highlighting the importance of mental health and showcasing just how us, …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 11

Hello Dear Friends, A Happy June to you! Here’s this month’s packed issue of Pets’ Mews. Catch up on what’s been happening in our wonderful IG community in English: Issue 11 updated   – some of the eagle-eyed among you might notice that this version has been updated, that’s because my Pet had somehow or other (roll eyes now), got the …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 10

Hello Everyone, May we invite you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (or something fancier if you prefer), sit down, put your paws up and get stuck into the May issue of Pets’ Mews! Thanks again to all the wonderful contributors, especially@kiki.and.friends.usa (please note the new account name – if the link in the Mews’ Letter doesn’t …

Happy Easter from all of us at Pets’ Mews

Happy, Hoppy, Easter and Passover, There’s a lot of lovely Easter-related news in this month’s issue, with a certain Swedish Flavour. We really hope you enjoy it. Here’s the Russian version thanks to the amazing @doyka_supercow: Выпуск 9_rus And here’s the English one. Issue 9 Lots of love, Tipsy Cat

Pets’ Mews: Issue 8

Hello Everyone, We’ve got more fantastic articles for you in this month’s issue, and you can download them right now. Here’s the English version, Issue 8 And here’s the Russian, thanks to the really super, super cow, Doyka Issue 8_rus We hope reading this gives you a real oomph to your March 🙂 Lots of Love, Tipsy Cat Bose xxx

Pets’ Mews: Issue 7 – Snowtastic!

Hello there, Thanks for joining us for the first Pets’ Mews of 2017. We had a lot of fun last year, and were chuffed to bits to find out that you are truly global readers.  We love being able to help us Pets, Plushies and their People connect, build bridges, and share our fun with each other around the world – …

Read my friend, Cookie M. Report’s great reports.

Hello Everyone,

Are you looking for some other fun blogs to read or Instagram buddies to follow?  Well, why not try our lovely friend, Cookie M. Report’s feed and blog.  It’s great – Cookie lives in the Netherlands and writes and takes photos of lots of interesting things, such as his trips to zoos which help to save lovely animals, his visits to the bakery, and on his blog, he’s got a great alphabet page.  He even wrote for Pets’ Mews, so you can check out his report in Issue 5, if you like, and he recently hosted a huge instagram party on Cookie Island.

His photos are very cute, and, being a Cookie Monster breed, he  writes in true Cookie Monster English (of course), which is so much fun to read.  Cookie’s also got a great selection of knitwear thanks to his pet (and no, I’m not jealous at all and not upset that my pet can’t knit – I’m hoping she’ll take it up as a New Year’s Resolution, ahem).

So, if you want to follow Cookie on Instagram, click here.

And if you want to read his blog, click here.

I hope you enjoy following him as much as I do.

Keep posted for more great reading tips.

Bye for now,




Pets’ Mews: Special Edition, Christmas 2016

Festive Greetings, to you Dear Friends, We started this blog earlier this year, and we haven’t quite made our first Instagram birthday yet (celebrations to come in March 2017), but we’ve already had so much fun. We’ve loved blogging and Pets’ Mews has just been a joy – thank you to all of you who have contributed with stories and …

On an Instameet: A Murumuration or Whisperation at Brandon Marsh

We went on our first ever instameet on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun.  Now, there are two things any would-be instameeters should be made aware of when out on a nature expotition*.  First, a bunch of photographers on a single-track path are likely to stop utterly randomly and without warning when something catches their eye.  This could …