Hope & Waikiki: Two blogs that you have to read

Hello Dear Friends, We’ve been meaning to give you some more tips of other great blogs to read and follow for ages, but time has been flying (woooooosh).  But we’ve finally got round to writing about two that we really think you’d love. Here’s one of our favourites, it’s by our lovely friend, Hope.  You may know her, because she …

Read my friend, Cookie M. Report’s great reports.

Hello Everyone,

Are you looking for some other fun blogs to read or Instagram buddies to follow?  Well, why not try our lovely friend, Cookie M. Report’s feed and blog.  It’s great – Cookie lives in the Netherlands and writes and takes photos of lots of interesting things, such as his trips to zoos which help to save lovely animals, his visits to the bakery, and on his blog, he’s got a great alphabet page.  He even wrote for Pets’ Mews, so you can check out his report in Issue 5, if you like, and he recently hosted a huge instagram party on Cookie Island.

His photos are very cute, and, being a Cookie Monster breed, he  writes in true Cookie Monster English (of course), which is so much fun to read.  Cookie’s also got a great selection of knitwear thanks to his pet (and no, I’m not jealous at all and not upset that my pet can’t knit – I’m hoping she’ll take it up as a New Year’s Resolution, ahem).

So, if you want to follow Cookie on Instagram, click here.

And if you want to read his blog, click here.

I hope you enjoy following him as much as I do.

Keep posted for more great reading tips.

Bye for now,