Hope & Waikiki: Two blogs that you have to read

Hello Dear Friends,

We’ve been meaning to give you some more tips of other great blogs to read and follow for ages, but time has been flying (woooooosh).  But we’ve finally got round to writing about two that we really think you’d love.

Here’s one of our favourites, it’s by our lovely friend, Hope.  You may know her, because she hosts the world famous #honeygroveteapartytuesday on Tuesday, when plushies from around the world get together on Instagram to eat, drink and celebrate.

Her blog is full of stories of Hope – don’t we all need those; tasty treats – we definitely need those; and her secret diary (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that I’ve told you about that).  She also puts together the most delightful boxes of Hope’s Tea Party Parcels, which you can order from her.  So why not visit the sweetest bear in Texas right now by clicking on the link below:


And, we just have to tell you about one of THE coolest bunnies in town, our mate, Waikiki.  He’s often very hard to spot (check out his Insta feed for cool ‘find the bunny’ posts), and he is an excellent chef and adventurer.  His blog is great fun too, and you can read all about his adventures by clicking on the link.


We’ll put up some more of our tips of whom to follow soon, but till then,

Have fun,


Tipsy Cat Bose xxx


  1. OH Tipsy!! Thank you for the shout out! I love to read Waikiki’s blog as well. You’re very sweet for featuring us on here. Thank you.

    1. Yay, we love your blog 🙂

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