Cat in the Castle

The National Trust’s Bodiam castle is a real treat for all little ones and bigger ones too. 

The visit starts with you being given a grout – after all you need some 14th Century money to get into the 14th Century castle – and you enter via the walkway across the moat.

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Climbing up lots of windey stairs, takes you up the turrets (we tried to see the bats in the bellfy, but I think they were all asleep) and on to the battlements above. 

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One section is one way only, but the other has to be navigated so that those coming up, and those coming down, don’t get stuck by meeting mid-way on the narrow steps (we waited till there was a largish number all heading in the same direction, and went along with them, in true Brit style, with lots of thank yous and sorrys along the way).  There are great views of the Kent country side from the top making it definitely worth the climb.

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If you get a bit tired after all the climbing, you can always take a seat on a throne – very comfy.

The castle itself is pretty intact, there must be some special magic in those stones, because not only are the walls still standing, but the old inhabitants are too.  Don’t worry, we didn’t see any scary ghosts, just some nice medieval musicians.

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