Pets’ Mews: Issue 16

Woohoo, Welcome to another great edition of Pets’ Mews.  This time, we’ve picked some of the most heartwarming stories of all the good deeds our plushie community is doing.  It’s so exciting to read about all the charitable projects and help we plushies are organising out there.  Keep up the incredible work (and Santa, if you’re reading, see, we have …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 14 Plushie Fashion Week 2017 Special

Hello Fashionistas, Wasn’t Plushie Fashion Week 2017 something else?  We were totally blown away by your flair, creativity, and passion for fashion. To celebrate, we’ve got a bumper issue of Pets’ Mews for you, with interviews and style guides from some of the biggest Houses in Plushie Fashion, together with a round up of your photos.  Thanks to everyone who …

Tipsy at Mayfield Lavender Fields

Getting to the famous Mayfield Lavender Farm (everyone seems to be going there at the moment), from North West London by public transport is not the easiest (unless you are a crow flying), but not impossible. It takes a good 2 hours by bus, Tube, train, a second bus, and you need plenty of toffees.  The good thing is, while …

Hope & Waikiki: Two blogs that you have to read

Hello Dear Friends, We’ve been meaning to give you some more tips of other great blogs to read and follow for ages, but time has been flying (woooooosh).  But we’ve finally got round to writing about two that we really think you’d love. Here’s one of our favourites, it’s by our lovely friend, Hope.  You may know her, because she …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 13

Hello Lovely Readers, Thanks for joining us again for the August Issue of PM. We’ve got a lovely article from the totally, wonderfully bonkers @2cool_toyz in another great piece about how #plushiesbuildbridge; your very own style guide from our fashion guru @altravelbunny‘s Eye on Style; and more of your great photos. We’re also really excited, because we have lots of exciting …

Pets’ Mews: Issue 12

Hello Dear Friends, Hasn’t time flown?  It’s July already and so much has happened since we last met.  Well, let me fill you in on what’s been going on and take you through some of the highlights. In this month’s issue, you’ll find a beautiful, moving piece by @theadventuresofkeith, highlighting the importance of mental health and showcasing just how us, …

Tipsy at Greys Court Garden

Greys Court House and Gardens are a short drive from London and perfect for pets with itchy paws who need to get out of the city and explore the nearby countryside and the gardens, which are the main draw here.

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We drove up and pretty much took the last free place in the car park.  The overflow hadn’t opened yet, and there seemed to have been some confusion among the staff whether it would be or not, with a tail back of cars not sure what to do, so just note, it is a place that gets busy on lovely Bank Holidays.

We first had a quick wander around part of the estate – which is huge – so we didn’t wander too far.  We met some very friendly cows and crossed a pretty Japanese Moon Bridge.

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Then we joined a really interesting guided tour of the gardens, which were superb.  The owner had been keen to create spaces of walled garden, with little doorways that led on to more gardens, that then opened up into surprising spaces; and she certainly managed to get the desired effect.  There’s even a special statue of the gardner, bee hotels a plenty, and lots of pretty fountains.

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Although we had just missed the wonderful wisteria, and were too early for the corridor of roses, the gardens didn’t disappoint, with beautiful colours, scents and bees buzzing around.

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We also visited the house – which was issuing timed entries as it was so busy – and that was nice too.  There’s also an interesting horse and donkey wheel, a tea shop, and a gift shop to nose around.  But it is the gardens that really steal the show here and deserve a second or third wander.

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Pets’ Mews: Issue 11

Hello Dear Friends, A Happy June to you! Here’s this month’s packed issue of Pets’ Mews. Catch up on what’s been happening in our wonderful IG community in English: Issue 11 updated   – some of the eagle-eyed among you might notice that this version has been updated, that’s because my Pet had somehow or other (roll eyes now), got the …